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DJ/MC Mobile Service

DJ Dennis Productions basic service includes:

DJ/MC service for up to 5 hours

DJ Dennis will be in proper attire for your event

Professional Sound System & Software/Controller for the best in digital sound

Lighted DJ Facade (keeping equipment hidden & giving an overall appealing look)

Social Hour & Dinner Music at an appropriate level

Event Coordination between You, Facility, and other venders

You may request “Special” songs to be played

Guest’s can E-Mail request’s prior to an event

Guest’s are able to text their request’s at the event

No Charge for set up & breakdown

Price of the Basic DJ/MC Mobile service depends on Location, Hours, and Type of event, to name just a few.  The absolute best way to get an honest & accurate quote would be to sit down together and go over the details and come up with a plan that works for you.    There is no cost for up to 2 meetings! (initial meeting & 1 month prior to event)


Wedding Montage

    This montage can be one, two, or three or more songs long.  As an example, you could have a three song montage with the first song including pictures of the couple growing up to present day.  This could be the montage shown at the reception!  The second song (which could be their bridal song) would contain all selected photos of their wedding ceremony and reception from their photographer and/or guests.  The third song can include the honeymoon pictures and/or video.  The montage can be customized to your specifications!

Birthday and Other Event Montages

    These montages can be adapted to a specific purpose, either serious or comical.  Using photos, videos, and specific music can enhance the viewing pleasure of your favorite photos.  The capability of viewing your photos on DVD is also much easier than pulling out stacks of photos. Convenience and portability are priceless.


  Voice-Overs are vocal audio files that are dubbed over music to send/give a message.  In the case of a wedding, the couple can have their message dubbed over their First Dance (as in the demo above).  It could be their love story or their expression of love to each other.  A relative, who can't make the reception, but wants to be a part of their day, can send their message through a voice-over during the reception.  The Voice-Over could be a child's message to a grandparent, a message to the class at a reunion.  The possibilities are endless and the only boundary is your imagination!

GREEN EYES (VOICE OVER) - COLDPLAY  - 2014 DWNLD -  - Pop - 2014 - +VOICE OVER.mp3 (Click on CD to hear example)

Lighting/Light Show

Chauvet Lights

(Click on Text To See Demo)

Hemisphere 5.1

Swarm 5FX

4 Bar Flex

4 Play CL


Available Enhancements

Faze Machine

Fog Machine

Bubble Machine

Up Lighting

Photo Booth

Under Table Lighting

Spot Lights

Video Montage

  Video montages, (slideshows), have been around for quite a long time.  You've seen them at wedding receptions, birthday parties, class reunions, etc.  With today's technology, we can now enhance these shows with custom backgrounds, titles, transitions, and music.  The photos, (average about 50 pictures per song), are laid out in the desired progression,  with custom transitions between them, and all timed to music of your choice.  The final product is viewed on your TV or large screen via DVD.  The montage becomes a way to view photos past and present, at an event, that is pleasing to the eyes, ears and heart. 

Wedding Montage Demo edited to show example of  a three song DVD   (3.5 min.)

Customize Your Event!

You Have The Dream - We Will Help Make It Happen!

If your ideas or dreams for an event aren’t listed here, just come and sit down with us and we’ll make it happen.  We have only listed some of the most popular items, but are not bound by only those items. Your most memorable event is only a thought away, the possibilities are endless.  Let’s make a dream party come true!